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Language isa medium of understanding but for. A long period of time it has been a cause of misunderstanding as well. Many brands when wish to globalize try their best to become indigenous to their customer choices as well. This conscious effort of getting familiarized with customers to develop empathy in their minds about a brand can be rewarding. The best way to create empathy is to communicate well and that is possible when firms express in customer’s language. There can be two ways to bridge the language gap either. The businesses learn people’s language or people opt to learn their words. Digital marketing is definitely a bandwagon of change and decides the manner in which a product is perceived by people.

Herein we try to build a SWOT analysis of how running digital marketing campaigns in regional languages

  • Improves brand acceptance- A good digital marketing campaign can result in brand awareness. But with regional language inclusion there is better brand acceptance in public eyes.
  • Encourages sales -Naturally any positive boost to image of a brand will encourage sales
  • Builds brand image- Overcoming a language barrier helps in building not just the product but it’s brand as well.
  • Excessive delays- As a business you might not be familiar with local languages and hence to build a model in an alien language might be expensive.
  • Problem of miscommunication – In situations when businesses are not confident with a language, they had to outsource and in such situations there might be chances of wrong interpretation of a brand.


The biggest threat is lack of infrastructure or support staff to help you function well in a region whose language is alien to you. The premise of developing marketing campaigns in regional languages is successful if people who wish to offer the services are also well versed in the language and support your idea. Otherwise despite a successful campaign things cannot work out if your supporting infrastructure does not contribute. Opportunity Spread ideas and awareness: Whenever a product is to be promoted a simple advertisement with prominent features can be enough to let people know about it. However, if a firm tries to put in effort and develop a new language based campaign then it has an opportunity to sell an emotion associated with a brand and not just one single product. Example: At a time when many e-commerce websites promoted their features and ease , Amazon used a Hindi tagline” Aapki apni dukaan” as a way to put forth a point that customers should buy anything and everything from Amazon only. These slight inputs helped in developing an effective campaign . Role of digital marketing: As a digital marketing enthusiast the language can only be effective. If people watch it and hence the role of social media supported by call to action is very important.  Assessing whether the language plan works or not is gauged by SEO and research data analysis about customer inflow and interest to the brand.

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